Thursday, February 19, 2015

Delicious Valentine's

Ever since we moved to West Chester, a little over a year ago, Matt and I have been talking about having a side by side taste testing of 5 Guys Burgers and Jake's Way Back Burgers.  We had tried 5 Guys on a couple occasions before moving out here but Jake's was new to us.  We both enjoy a really great burger every now and then, so after trying Jake's with friends one night we decided we needed to have a little contest.  Anyway, on Valentine's day, we didn't really have much planned but decided to go over to the mall on a whim to get out of the house and let Sommer throw coins in the fountain and run around at the play area a bit.  Coincidentally, the 5 Guys is at the mall and Jake's is on our way home from the mall, so we decided this was the perfect night to do our little taste testing.  Can you guess which one we chose? I'll fill you in after the photos.

5 guys on the left & Jake's on the right.

The winner?  For me, 5 Guys was a no brainer.  Not only did I think it tasted better but the presentation was impeccable compared to the smooshed and flat Jake's.  Matt was not quite as interested as the presentation and chose Jake's for taste over 5 Guys!

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