Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Books

We are lucky to have so many family members who care so much about Sommer's library and so every Christmas and birthday we can expect to get an abundance of books to add to our collection.  Here are a few of our favorites that we recently received...

 I think this is our favorite, favorite one.  It is so great, I definitely recommend checking it out if you can!

 Silly Suzy Goose is also one of my faves.  It is fun and quick and filled with animals which we love around here. :)

 Matt's parents gifted Sommer with a subscription to High Five magazine and this is our second issue. I never imagined how much Sommer would love getting the magazine in the mail!  She is also always excited about the "Find the Silly Things" page.

 We picked this book up for Sommer at the recommendation of some other bloggers that I follow.  It is exciting and definitely a fun read for kiddos.

 In one of my last book posts, I told you guys about how much we love the Bear books.  My Aunt then sent Sommer a bunch of these for her birthday!  There are several more that are camped out in our car at the moment but we love reading these ones all the time!

The great thing is that these are not all the books that she received!  But, she has been such a bookwork lately that I think she has been hiding a few of our other favorites away.  Sommer has recently started requesting time to read to her babies before she takes a nap or goes to bed and it is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.  She also requests that we read books "story-time style" - kind of like in the above picture where one of us sits in a chair or on the bed and the other on the floor.  Then we read to each other and show the pictures like our librarian does.  I am so thankful that she loves to read! 
Have you come across any great books lately?

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