Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Can you believe that Christmas Eve is a week away?  Today I realized that this Christmas will be the first one since Matt and I have been married that we will not be traveling.  We will actually be in our own home all day on Christmas and I am a little unsure of what to do!  I decided it's time to start some fun family traditions to carry on throughout the years with Sommer (and any other babies we might possibly have someday).  Do you have any yearly traditions for the holidays?  
The only thing we currently have in place is attending church on Christmas Eve and letting Sommer open up new PJ's and a new Christmas book before bed.  I hope we add a few more this year though.
Christmas Eve a couple years ago at my parents house.
 My first thought for Christmas day was just to spend the day relaxing and believe me, I'm sure we will do plenty of that but I also want to make the day special after we open presents and enjoy what will surely be a magical morning.
So here's what I hope for:
Sommer is sure to be up early because, well, that's just what she does.  She also can not be around a wrapped present without needing to open it ASAP.  So, my thought is that we will be done opening gifts in no time with this girl around. :o)
Our girls first Christmas.
 I think we'll have cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate and coffee but I think we'll also have a nice breakfast later in the morning - something like this.

I hope we will spend lots of time reading books, listening to Christmas music and playing with new toys.  And maybe even catch a classic Christmas movie.

And then, I want to make lots of Christmas cookies.  We haven't baked anything yet this season and although I would love to add that to my to-do list for this week, I know it's not happening.  I think it will be fun to make and decorate them when we all have time to do it together. 
making cookies last year.
Here are a couple recipes that I think are worth a try!
Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies - these sound just perfect!

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