Thursday, November 6, 2014

growing up

I've been a little sentimental over the last few days because my little one, who once was a tiny babe that fit perfectly in my arms, is now my big girl who has kissed diapers good bye and graduated to a big girl bed...all in one short, little week.  My heart has felt so proud and at the same time a little sad - it's such an odd feeling and I don't know if it makes sense.  I am so happy to see her grow up and accomplish new things but at the same time I want to keep her as my sweet little babe forever.

Oh yea, she's also into big girl pajamas and picking out her own clothes before bed every night. 
She lays everything out so carefully on top of her dresser.  I'm hoping that when she is about 14 she remembers how this trick makes getting up and ready in the morning so much easier. 
I am so thankful to be her mama.  
PS: I'm pretty sure she'll fit perfectly in my arms forever :o)

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