Wednesday, October 1, 2014


If you know me at all, you know that cemeteries aren't really my thing. Objectively, I know that they are simply peaceful resting places for loved ones past; however, I guess I've seen one too many scary movies because I can't seem to see one without having a frightening image pop into my head. Despite all of that, I faced my fears a few days ago to show you one of the coolest things in Carlisle on this, the first day of October (& perhaps unofficial start to the Halloween season): the Old Public Graveyard. 

You could certainly argue that this cemetery is cool for a number of reasons: it houses a statue of Molly Pitcher (the renowned Revolutionary War hero), has headstones dating back to 1757 and even features a Civil War bullet in its main slate marker. But I have always been more impressed by something subtler, hidden in the rough-hewn stone of the surrounding fence...


A long time ago, in elementary school, my fourth grade class went on a walking field trip of Carlisle, and I can only assume that these were pointed out to me that day (although admittedly, I can't remember if that is the case or not). Nonetheless, I've never forgotten about these random acts of art, and can't help but share them with anybody new to Carlisle. I have no idea how old these sculptures are, who formed them or why. But I never tire of finding something unique in the mundane and each time I see these faces, I'm inspire to look at everything with a slightly more discerning eye.

Can you spot them??

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