Monday, September 1, 2014

soaking up summer

Well.  Here it is, our last official day of summer.  We've had a full and fun few months of no routines, lazy days at the river, backyard playtime and baseball at Mimi and Pa's house, canon-balling into the lake, vacationing in Maine, bike riding, frisbee throwing, and spending time with cousins.  This last week was no exception as we made every effort to soak up the last days of summer:  we packed in one more short trip to the river, a day of sun and waves at the beach, and a fun afternoon of family and food here at our house.  Definitely a great way to end a great summer.  

Annabel loved having her cousins here!

Knitting on the way to the river.

Uncle Will and sweet little Charlie.

Sunset on the Rappahannock.

I'm a sucker for a pretty sky.

Cousins at Virginia Beach.

Taking a "nap."

Pizza dinner before heading home from a fun day.

Most of the second cousins - just missing two of the triplets.
 Although I've thoroughly loved our lazy days, I can tell it's time to get back to a routine.  Where the kids were once content to play together during our free pockets of time during the day, happily making up games and chasing each other around, they're now getting restless and picky.  When that starts becoming the norm, I know it's time for a more structured day.  Thankfully it's coming right in time for the school routine to start again.

I've already made a list of lunch options for Tommy and Will, snack ideas for Annabel (she starts preschool a week from today), dinner menu for the week, and filled in the calendar with all of our back-to-school activities and yearly check-ups for the kids that are also happening this week.  Tommy's backpack is ready, his lunch box is on the counter, we know what time the bus is coming, and my camera is charged and ready for the obligatory (and oh-so-necessary) first day of school picture.  I know my sweet boy is a little nervous about his first day at his new school, but thankfully he loved his teacher (her name is Chelsea, too!  What are the odds?) and his classroom when we visited last week, and when he found out that he has not one, but two gym classes each week, he was pretty excited to see what other fun things he could find out about his new school.  And it didn't hurt that we picked up a t-shirt and pair of shorts (orange and black!) for a little school spirit.  I know he'll do great.  I just love that kid.

What are you up to today?  We're heading to Charlottesville for a hike, then lunch and ice cream with my brother-in-law, and checking out his new apartment.  Tonight we'll be home for a cookout here at our house with just the four of us before getting a good night's sleep for the first day of school.  Happy Labor Day and best of luck to all the kids (and their mama's and daddy's!) heading back to school tomorrow!

P.s.  After seeing the word used in a status update on Facebook, Will and I randomly had a really long (and hilarious) conversation about the possible meaning(s) and use(s) of the word "amazeballs" last night.  I've been hearing people say it here and there and really cannot figure out the definition of this strange word.  Can someone please explain to me why those two words (I'm assuming (though you know what they say about assuming - that it "makes an ass out of u and me"...) that it's "amazing" and "balls" put together?) would ever need to be merged as one?  Help!  

P.p.s.  Does that P.s.^ make me sound old?

P.p.p.s.  Don't answer that last question.

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