Thursday, September 4, 2014

ordinary days

We have had a busy week and it finally slowed down yesterday.  After dragging my tired self to work and then running a few errands, Sommer and I went home and both crashed for a few hours.  It was the best.

 One of my favorite things about getting up before the sun to go to work is getting to watch the sun come up.  We are lucky to have big glass doors and windows right in front of our desk so we are always blessed with a beautiful view.  

 Little Miss Sommer is totally over the 'baby' swings...only big girl stuff for her these days. 

 We fought the crowds last Friday night to see the Budweiser Clydesdale's come through town.  Sommer was in awe.
 We could not believe how big these horses are!  It was amazing to see them up close.

 The horses pulled this wagon around town, stopping at several bars to drop off a case of beer.

 I followed these 3 around all evening...they were most excited about catching another glimpse of the horses.

Somehow, Sommer and I picked out the perfect ear of corn for her at the market last week.  It had two tiny ears inside, perfect for our girl!

We visited my Gramma for the day on Tuesday this week.  As a bonus we also got to see my parents!  I am incredibly grateful that Sommer has the opportunity to regularly visit with her Gigi.  We love you!

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