Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chalit's Thai Bistro

I haven't mentioned it too much on the blog, but I am getting ready to move! And though it's not far, the fact remains that kitchen utensils and Christmas ornaments and clothing must be sorted, donated, dealt with or packed. I ended up tackling my clothing first and, finding that most of it would better serve a twenty-two year old than a twenty-eight year old, decided to try and sell it to a local place called Plato's Closet. This store is essentially consignment for teens/young adults and you can drop your unwanted clothing off, wait an hour or two, and get paid for anything they're interested in keeping. That hour or two is where Chalit's comes in.

Chalit's Thai Bistro is, in my opinion, the best Thai food in the area. To me the cuisine tastes brighter and fresher than most other Thai and honestly, I'd choose to eat here over almost any other place around. Last Wednesday, Brigid, Caroline and I decided we'd make the most of our Plato's Closet trip and had a leisurely dinner here while we waited for our clothes to be sorted. It was absolutely delicious (as usual) and was a really nice addition to a typically mundane work week. And in case you were wondering...I was offered a whopping $2.95 for one Old Navy tank top on the clothing front. Better luck next time...

[beautiful interior]

Brig and I had planned on stopping for wine since Chalit's is conveniently BYOB, but Caroline read our minds and showed up with a bottle of Amber Hill! I had to laugh later on in the evening when a guy showed up with his wife carrying two bottles of Bud Light.

[Pad Thai]
If you're new to Thai Food, you really can't go wrong ordering Pad Thai (the national dish of Thailand).

[Drunken Noodles]
These are delicious, and though I prefer to order the dish below, almost every other person I talk to who frequents Chalit's raves about the drunken noodles. 

[Eggplant & Sweet Thai Basil]
I ordered this dish on a whim my second time at Chalit's and I am so glad that I did. This is one of my favorite things to eat on the face of this earth, especially when paired with the housemade brown rice. If you're an eggplant fan, this is a definite yes.

[Fried Banana Bites]
We ended up splitting both featured desserts. I am usually so-so on banana desserts (I prefer to eat them on cereal or in bread form, mostly) but this was so good. I could eaten the entire thing myself.

Also delicious. But surprisingly, not as delicious as the fried bananas.

[Honestly, I can't think of much better company than these two girls!]

Until next time Chalits!
(& hopefully sooner rather than later!)

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