Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bluegrass & Blueberries

This past Saturday we took a little trek northeast to check out a Bluegrass and Blueberries festival in a little place called Peddler's Village.  Peddler's Village is a cute little collection of shops and restaurants, all connected together by sidewalks, bridges and pathways.  It was a hot, hot day so we didn't last too long but we enjoyed the little bit of bluegrass that we listened to. 

we thought this water wheel was so neat and as a plus it was in the shade!

 have you ever tried blueberry cider?  We thought it was a little on the sweet side but still enjoyed it.

 a little bluegrass

 although there were lots of delicious food options, we decided that ice cream for lunch was the way to go on this hot day.

 beautiful gardens and scenery all over Peddler's Village

they even had a game section for the kiddos which was great for our little who loves to run around!

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