Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I don't know what it is about summer, but every year I swear that I am going to slow down and enjoy it more -- go to the pool, spend lazy evenings on the balcony drinking things like this, make popsicles and generally just relax and unwind. And yet again, it's already the end of June (six months until Christmas! today!) and I have done none of those things. It's weird how the season known for kicking back and being a little lazy ends up being one of the busiest times of all.

Regardless, the last week or so has been pretty great. I am busier than usual at work (which has its ups and downs but makes the hours fly), have been doing a lot of yoga, a little bit of turning twenty-eight and fitting in some flower arranging, cooking and time with my favorite people in between. Below are a few snapshots of the last few weeks, if you'd like to see!

[pink roses + baby blue vase]
These were pretty while they lasted, which admittedly, wasn't long. Ultimately I had to embrace the sort-of shabby chic look created by the constantly dropping petals.

[vanilla/almond dutch baby with plums]
This was a Saturday morning treat that I made for myself, and gosh was it delicious. I added some almond and vanilla extract to this recipe and topped it with extra butter (couldn't help it!) sliced plums and powdered sugar. Sooooo good.

[new yoga mat + water bottle]
These were birthday gifts from my mom and I love them both. For the longest time I wanted this water bottle (you can buy it at Target) but I couldn't justify spending the twelve dollars when I already had one. It's the perfect kind of birthday gift - something I wanted and didn't need.

[grocery list making]
Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite weekly tasks, but I never leave home to do it without making a quick list first. It's much easier to resist impulse buys if you can stick to the list.

[peanut sauce]
This is the most delicious peanut sauce and it's made almost entirely from pantry staples. I am planning to share the recipe for one of my favorite (and incredibly simple) noodle bowls next week.

[pineapple pad]
Dani got me this adorable note pad (from Anthropologie) for my frig. I've already used it to decorate a ho-hum gift bag and surprise an unsuspecting co-worker with a fancier than usual memo.

[birthday celebrations]
My wonderful boyfriend planned a really lovely night for my birthday. We spent the evening dining out with friends and then (for lack of a better term) bar hopping. It was such a fun evening and the perfect way to ring in twenty-eight.

[typical best friend selfie]
Brig and I made sure to day to Beyonce's Drunk in Love and eat cupcakes before dinner. ;)

[my absolute favorite guy]
I said it once and I'll say it again. He is pretty wonderful.

[watermelon martini]
Just one of many drinks that were had. 

[cute card for my mom's b-day]
I found this card at Target and literally laughed out loud and grabbed it off the shelf. I must know and share my mom's sense of humor because she laughed equally hard (and not many others did). 

Just writing all of this today makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be living this life. Cheers. ;)

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