Thursday, May 8, 2014

seeing color

The name of the game for us this week is definitely COLOR.  Annabel and I have been back and forth to the house every single day and although it's been extremely busy, we've loved seeing the color go up on the walls.  Our awesome painter has done an amazing job so far, and I can't wait to see how the rest of it turns out.  If you're in the Richmond area and need some painting done, call me because our guy does a fantastic job and is very reasonably priced.  

Let me show you what's been done so far...

"Fresh Guacamole"
I love this pretty green in the master bedroom that just so happens to match the outside scenery quite well. It just feels so calming, doesn't it?

"Soft Sapphire"
Admittedly, I had my doubts about this color that I let Will choose for the bonus room/upstairs family room/man cave (soon to be sporting a tv, all his movies, and possibly a small game table).  Although the swatch looked too dark to me, I love how it turned out.  Perfect for watching movies and for my the-only-color-I-choose-when-given-the-chance-is-blue husband. (When we first got married we had a very uncomfortable blue couch...I maintain that I was blinded by love.)

"Licorice Stick"
When choosing colors, we told the kids that they could "pick any color they wanted for their rooms."  When Tommy declared that his choice was black, I quickly had to amend my initial statement to add, "except black."  Thankfully his second choice was much (much much much) brighter than his first.  "Fire engine red!"  Well alright.  And guess what?  It's awesome.  While we originally chose "Candy Apple," in the end we went with "Licorice Stick."

"Timeless Lilac"
Although Annabel initially said she wanted red like Tommy, I finally got her true choice out of her:  purple.  We found this pretty lilac (we originally chose "Lavender Phlox" but Dani helped me choose this pretty lighter shade), and she absolutely loves it.

As I came up the steps and looked to the end of the hall the other day, I noticed that my new view is quite patriotic.  I like it.

Last on the list for upstairs painting is the laundry room which will be a light yellow called "Fresh Pineapple" that I absolutely love and can't wait to see.  And although we originally chose "Clear Blue Sky" for downstairs, when I tested it on a wall over the weekend, it turned out to be too bright.  So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a lighter blue called "Mineral Water" that I'm excited to see on the walls.  I'll be back with photos when everything's complete next week.  Although we looked at several options, we ended up going with Behr paint from Home Depot with a matte finish on everything.  It's a good durable paint that's also washable, which, as I'm sure you can imagine (or you know if you have kids), is pretty important with little hands around.  But regardless of it's washability (why yes, I just made that word up!), rest assured that the crayons and markers and paints will be out of reach at least for a little while.  

Wishing you a colorful Thursday!  See you back here tomorrow for Photo Friday!

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