Thursday, May 29, 2014

my space

Although the title of my post today may suggest to you that I'm here to talk about the old social networking site that preceded Facebook, you'll be glad to know that that couldn't be further from the truth.  Today I'd like to invite you into our new home in what I like to space.  The back of our house on the first level is one big open room, so even though this is technically two different spaces, I'm counting it all as one.  First up, the kitchen...

Will pretty much gave me free reign (within a budget) on the decisions for this room, and I happily went to work choosing colors and tile and granite and appliance options.  In the end we went with simple white cabinets with a contrasting smoky blue island, gas stove top and wall oven.  I love everything about it and look forward to cooking every single day.  Here are a few more photos, if you'd like to see.

Yes, that's a pig-shaped cutting board.  Thanks, Mom!

That sunflower olive oil bottle is my favorite find from Home Goods.  Have you been in that store?  Love it.

Those pretty Crate and Barrel bowls have been through a lot in the almost ten years since we received them as a wedding gift!  

And then there's the living room.  You may be surprised to see that there are, in fact, white couches in this room, but you'll be even more surprised to find out that my husband picked them out.  The man who always chooses blue, or at least a dark color, to hide any kid (adult) marks/spills/stains.  After walking through several furniture stores and finding a few good options to choose from, we happened to stop at Haverty's to look one more time.  When Will sat on this pretty white couch, he declared it "the most comfortable" one he'd sat on yet.  And after several reminders about kids and markers and juice and mud, when he still insisted that these were the perfect couches for us, I gave in.  Because truth be told, I have ALWAYS wanted white couches in my living room.  Win!

Once we found the couches and chose the wall paint ("Mineral Water" by Behr) we set about finding the perfect rug (Target), end tables and lamps (Target), and coffee table (Wayfair).  My only complaint is that the end tables, that were advertised as gray online, actually look like a shade of green.  But they've grown on me. 

I've decided to start a little collection of succulents to keep in different corners around the house (yes, I know three of these are ivy plants...they won't be there for long).  They're easy to take care of and most importantly, hard to kill.  I'm pretty terrible at keeping house plants but since these only need water once a week or so, I'm hoping I'll be able to keep them alive.  Wish me luck.

The mantle is a work in progress but I'm sort of loving this current tribute to my mother-in-law.  She collected hens and even had a group of great friends that called themselves the Hens and Roosters.  When she passed away, I brought a few of her hens with me and have acquired a few more in the meantime.  I think I'll start my own collection!  The red vases with yellow handles are for my great-grandmother - the one on the left was hers and I found the one on the right at an antique store and couldn't pass it up.

Since my Taproot magazines are far too pretty to keep on a shelf, I've displayed them on our coffee table.  Now they're visible and available to be read by the kids (they love the pictures!), guests, or me.  I can't wait to receive the next issue coming out in June! 

And by the way, you definitely need to know that I totally staged these photos so you'd see the room the way it started out...before toys and books and diapers and wipes and coffee cups and sippy cups.  We definitely do a lot of living in this room despite the pretty white couches and neatly displayed magazines - evidenced by the fact that I already have to clean one of the couches because of the dirty footprints on one cushion.  I wanted a room that was simultaneously beautiful and functional and above all, COMFORTABLE.  For us, this space is just that.  

So that's what I've been busy working on these past few weeks!  Although the boxes are finally all unpacked (with the exception of the Christmas decorations that will go straight up to the attic...someday) there is stuff littering the floors of our bedrooms and upstairs family room.  Eventually everything will have a place.  But for now, I'll just space.

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