Tuesday, May 27, 2014

how does my garden grow: right now

A little over a month ago, I wrote about my garden inspiration.  Although I don't have the green space to have such beautiful gardens now, I was hoping to get some inspiration and make my ideas into a little patio garden.  To the garden shop I went and picked out seed packets of flowers and veggies; pots, boxes and the best soil.  I had lots of gusto and was maybe a bit overambitious but nevertheless, I made a plan.

Too much, too soon.
I had grand plans to build a planter with a trellis, hang my herbs from the porch above my patio, and buy a whole bunch of planters for all the beautiful flowers that I would be growing.  
Here's my current green space:
Although I only have three little boxes of veggies, I am thrilled that they are filling up with green goodness. My peas are looking a little rough from 2 hail storms that we had one day last week.  I'm hoping they are resilient and can bounce back!  I've also got a box of lettuce and a box of mixed greens - straight from Cotton Plains Farm in VA. :)

I have the intention to buy a few more planters for some flowers and also for my one little tomato plant that is patiently awaiting its home...
These sunsweets are the prettiest golden color and are so sweet.  We like to eat them straight from the vine while they are still warm from the sun!

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