Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Mantle

One of my absolute favorite things about my house (and the thing that most attracted me to it) is the floating mantle in the living room. It makes decorating for the seasons and holidays super fun, and I love scouting little bits and pieces to use on it everywhere from Target to TJ Maxx to the many thrift/antique stores in the area.

In the spring and summer it's relatively easy to keep fresh flowers around (so easy to simply pluck a few from my parents garden that Dani mentioned yesterday!), but right now spring has literally just sprung (and sadly, it's taking a short hiatus for a couple of days) so if I want flowers, I'm pretty much stuck with buying. Since this can get pricey, I was happy to be reminded of the idea of using lemons as a fresh accent (remember Jennifer Aniston's 12 lemon centerpiece in The Break Up?). They are super cheap, last a good long while, and look great piled into a vase or in this case, a terrarium. I did break down and buy the snap dragons because they were so gorgeous and only $5.99. Thank you, local GIANT! :)

I went with a yellow theme, and I love the result. Our entire living room feels brighter.

[Details: I snagged this mason jar from my Gramma's house when I tried (& failed) to make grapefruit jam. The candles were less than $1 at the Dollar General & the deer is a TJ Maxx find.]

[I found this little guy for $3.00 at a little shop in Charlottesville last year.]

[Details: The terrarium is Brigid's and the lemons were around $0.60 each at the grocery store. The necklace on the deer is J.Crew & yes I take it off to wear it occasionally:).]

It's the little things that make the biggest difference, I swear!

Have you decorated for spring yet??

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