Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A few months ago, back in November, I was himming and hawing over what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. I had a few pretty un-original ideas, but kept coming back to sports tickets - specifically to his beloved alma mater, the University of Maryland. Out of all sports, I really love to watch basketball (it's actually a tad ridiculous how emotionally invested I can get), thus we have really enjoyed watching UM play basketball together all season long. So after a bit of online searching, and some input from family members over the Thanksgiving holiday, I finally settled on tickets to Maryland's last home home against the University of Virginia.

Little did I know, the tickets would end up being a much better gift than I had anticipated. Apparently (I use apparently because my sports knowledge is severely limited), Maryland is leaving the ACC conference and joining the Big 10, and this was their last home game in the ACC. And also, a big deal. Upon entering we received some free MD goods, and there were some legendary coaches and players there to sign autographs. We got there early enough to partake in the festivities, and then enjoyed hot dogs and soda and a ridiculous game. I'm not kidding you when I say that I was so nervous, I almost couldn't watch in the end. 

[legends signing]

[past trophies]

[Dez Wells - my favorite MD player to watch]


[64-64 + 5 minutes overtime!]

[finally a win!]

[floor rush]

It's funny, but I swear every university campus I visit has that college-y feeling that you just don't get anywhere else. Maryland was no different, and it was really fun to watch the student body get so excited about this game. We had a great time overall, and already I can't wait to hit up a few games (Penn State, perhaps?) next season. 

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