Wednesday, February 26, 2014

to a tee

Every now and then, I go through an utterly ridiculous stage where I feel like I have nothing to wear. And without fail, I am always saved by the most basic of items in my closet - the t-shirt. The right t-shirt can take you everywhere from the gym to a night out (with a fitted blazer or statement necklace, of course) and has the added bonus of being so comfortable. Below are five great tees to consider adding to your wardrobe:

If you asked me that standard question about picking one "famous" person in the world to spend a day with, my honest answer would not be a world leader, great educator or even an Olsen twin (although if you had asked me fifteen years ago, we might have a different story); it would be Mindy Kaling. I loved her on her on the office, loved her book, and I especially love The Mindy Project. This t-shirt reminds me of my one of my favorite quotes from the show. Gotta channel that inner Sacha Fierce somehow!

I have always been a huge fan of floral prints and graphic shirts, and this cozy J.Crew tee combines them in the best of ways: with a french quote. I love everything about this shirt, right down to the translation: "that's life." If only everyone could have a rosy outlook when thinking those words. :)

I have loved these t-shirts from the moment I saw them, and have since been lucky enough to add one to my closet! (And coincidentally: I'm wearing it as I type this.) I swear I get more compliments on this shirt than on anything else in my entire wardrobe. Bonus: the fabric is super and soft and by buying one you're helping to support Multiple Sclerosis research. Sounds like the perfect way to profess your love for your home!

I wear a lot of neutral tones, but lately I've been having a bit of a moment with this yellow-gold color. That, combined with the fun pattern (slightly reminiscent of the Great Wave off Kanagawa, which oddly enough, I never really like as an art history major), make this a perfect fit.

I must also be having a moment with French-inspired graphic tees, because I love this say yes to love tee. The gray color and slouchy fit make this look perfectly un-done, but it would look so great paired with a chunky J.Crew necklace and heels.

 I'm not in need of this myself, but am almost tempted to purchase it for a few of my friends who are! Seriously, how adorable is this t-shirt?

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