Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Carlisle Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Carlisle and as always it was fun going home and spending lots of time with family. 

 Sommer and I drove through some crazy fog and thunderstorms to get to Carlisle on Friday afternoon.  After a pit stop at Chick-fil-a to wait out a huge storm, we were on our way.  Somehow it never fails that when are trying to get back to the Cumberland Valley we end up with some annoying weather that makes our trip about an hour longer than it should be.

 Bear brought some nerd/mustache glasses home from work for Tommy.  He was a little unsure of the glasses but Sommer loved them!  She was putting them on every chance she got. 8-)

 Our awesome mom was thinking ahead a few weeks ago when we had all the crazy snow and ice and pulled a bunch of icicles down and saved them in the freezer for the kids!  They had so much fun chomping on them in the unseasonably warm weather.
 The girlies and I got to have two sister dates on Saturday!  So much fun.  First, we went for coffee and a little blog meeting - we are excited to be making some little changes in the upcoming months!  Our second date was out to dinner at a local Thai place called Chalits.  So delicious.  That summer roll up there was our appetizer and our meals were even better.

 We decided we needed to grab a little Froyo after our Thai food.  The perfect ending to a great day with two of my favorite people.

 And these are a few things that the kids love to do when we are visiting Mimi and Pa's.  Banging on the piano and making up silly songs...

And sliding down the cellar doors.  Multiple comments were made in regards to how much fun and entertainment these doors bring.  Tommy washed them down with soap and water on Saturday afternoon and all three of them spent all Sunday afternoon climbing up, sliding down and rolling their toy cars down.  Then, they all got sponges and washed the doors up again.  The best kind of fun.
We can't wait to visit again soon!  <3

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