Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo Friday!

[grapefruit marmalade]

I finally followed-through on making the grapefruit marmalade I mentioned here this week, but you're lucky: I'm sparing you another full blog post devoted to grapefruit because it's not very good. I am looking forward to hanging out with both! sisters this weekend, and eating some really delicious Thai food. 
Thanks for reading this week & have a lovely weekend!

 The best feature of our new master bedroom:  the bay window.  Just look at that light!  I'm so in love...with the window and the man in front of it  :)  Heading north for the weekend with the kids!  Can't wait to spend a couple days with my favorite people.  Have a good one.

 Just wanted to share my failed attempt at pink heart pancakes on Valentine's Day.  All too often I feel like the internet makes us feel like we need to achieve perfection and its definitely not happening over in my neck of the woods!  Instead of pretty pink heart pancakes, we had ugly brown regular ones but they were just as good!  The best and most important thing was the company I ate them in!  Have a happy weekend!
xo Dana

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