Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a very fun and full Thanksgiving week/weekend!  We spent Wednesday through Sunday at my in-laws home in the Lehigh Valley and jam packed most of our days with good things.  

When we arrived on Wednesday, we headed out to Matt's high school where they have a huge bonfire (and I mean huge!!) every year on the night before Thanksgiving.  His old high school participates in a Thanksgiving football game against their rivals from New Jersey.  It is a pretty neat tradition that has been going on for quite a long time (107 years to be exact).  The senior class builds the woodpile on Tuesday and sleeps out to protect it from the rival school.  Then on Wednesday night they light it up and people come to watch it burn.  We were there for the lighting of the fire this year and although it took a while to get going, because everything was wet, it was pretty amazing. 

On Thursday morning, Matt, his dad and I ran the Pumpkin Pie 5k in Nazareth.  Although none of us won a pumpkin pie, we were happy with our results and were rewarded with donuts and hot coffee - perfect!

We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with Matt's extended family (sadly I didn't get any pictures of the food!)  And we ended our night with a great game of Chicken Train and some hot chocolate with homemade whip!

Our little love was completely worn out from all the fun of Thanksgiving day. <3

A fuzzy picture but I couldn't resist sharing this cutie.  On Saturday, we made Christmas cookies with Matt's mom, aunt, cousin and her daughter.  We had so much fun and obviously Sommer was very excited to help!

Late Saturday afternoon we went out to the Christmas tree farm to pick out ours and Matt's parents' tree.  It was so fun this year because Sommer could walk around and enjoy the beautiful day.

hugging the baby tree.
helping daddy cut down our tree.

When we got back to our place on Sunday, we put our tree up and spent the afternoon decorating both the tree and our little apartment.  Although moving around the holidays can be somewhat stressful and busy, having the Christmas lights, tree and all the decorations up really helps to make this place feel more like home.

We are so excited for the magical month of December and can't wait to celebrate all that it brings!

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