Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet December Nights

We have had and are going to have quite a bit of busy-ness going on in our house throughout the month of December.  By January first, we will have been away from our apartment for 5 weekends straight and although I love traveling and visiting, I am trying to enjoy this season in our home during the week.   We spent this past weekend celebrating Sommer's birthday, playing in the snow and visiting with family and after a long, sleepless night on Sunday, I was ready for a relaxing evening last night.  
After Sommer was in bed, I made Matt and myself homemade hot chocolate and popped some popcorn.  We enjoyed our pretty tree and some football while sipping our sweet, hot drinks!

{In case you are wondering, for the homemade hot chocolate, I used a couple tablespoons of Hershey's dark chocolate cocoa powder, a tablespoon or so of granulated sugar (mixed it in a small bowl) and added a couple spoonfuls of that mixture to a mug of warm milk.  I added a little vanilla extract to mine and topped them both with as many mini marshmallows as I could fit in!}

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