Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas craft

Yesterday, Tommy and I made a super easy but super cute Christmas craft that I thought I'd share.  I've been seeing DIY Christmas garlands all over Pinterest and on my Instagram feed and thought that even I, in my hardly-a-crafty-person-at-all state could probably tackle a project like that.  I didn't follow any specific instructions, but instead wandered around Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration.  I knew I couldn't sew anything so I decided to use a really cute red-and-white string to hold everything up, and then decided on red and green cardstock so the paper would be heavy enough not to fold while hanging.  Finally, I found the cutest little clothespins to hold the paper to the string.  Ready, set, GO!

 Gather your materials:  cardstock, string, clothespins, pencil, and scissors.

 Measure your string and lay it out on a table.  Cut out whatever shape you want your paper to have, making sure you have enough to cover the whole length of your string.  We chose the classic "upside-down Christmas tree" look for our garland.

Line everything up and then give your mom an "OK, fine" smile when she tells you she wants to take another photo.

Clothespin your paper to the string and hang.  Cute!  (He was actually very proud of his work and smiled without having to be prompted in this one.  Christmas miracle!)  :)

If you have some time, give this a try!  Super easy and quick, really festive, and if I'm being completely honest, actually, it was kinda fun, too, to make something with Tommy.  If you make a garland, share it on Instagram and tag me (cwilliams717) or upload it to our Facebook page.  We'd love to see! 

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