Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ever since Brigid and I moved into the new house, we've been meaning to throw a house warming party. I don't know how things have been going for you lately, but over here time is flying and somehow, it's the middle of November and we still haven't held a party. So, a week or so ago, we finally decided on a date at the beginning of December. And even though it's a little cliche, we've decided that it will be an ugly Christmas sweater house warming party. I've been having way too much fun looking up decorations, recipes, and potential ugly sweaters on Pinterest the past few days, so here is a little of what we're thinking come December 7th.

Finding the perfect ugly sweater can be tough, but I'm quite fond of both of the above options, topped off, of course, with Rudolph ears. If only the grumpy old man was included.

An ugly sweater party seems to call for cheesy foods: Rice Krispies Trees,  holiday pretzels, fondue, pig blanket wreath and chex mix.

Every party needs a signature drink, and I'm loving the looks of this Cranberry Christmas Punch (cranberry-vodka Christmas punch, perhaps?), topped off with sweet, striped straws.

Decorations are key, and this cheeky doormat, awesome wall art, and Christmas-y bunting would all be welcome additions to our little home.

You can't have a Christmas party without cookies! The more the merrier, I say, and on my list are these raspberry shortcake cookies, hot cocoa cookies and melting snowman cookies.

Hope to see you at the party. ;)

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