Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NYC Part Deux

One of the things I've noticed about New York City is that there seems to be little pockets of city that you can explore. And since I find the city to be rather large and overwhelming, I can honestly say that I was really happy with the pocket we were in two weekends ago. I mentioned last week that we visited the 9/11 Memorial, but we also took in an epic college basketball game at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn on Friday night (our team lost be one), and visited the Statue of Liberty rather early in the morning on Saturday. I was too nervous to take my camera to the game, but below are a few more pictures from our trip, if you'd like to see. :)

{obligatory "across the bridge" shot}

{view from our hotel room}

We took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty on Saturday morning, riding to on the Miss New York and back on the Miss New Jersey. 

{oh hey ten thousand people}

{testing out the zoom lens}

The museum here is pretty neat in general, but I especially enjoyed reading the letters from immigrants who were so thankful for the sight of the statue when they reached Ellis Island. It made me think about just how different life is now than it was then. You know?!

So, it's safe to say that Shake Shack was an obsession for me before I ever even had it, but now that I have, I can't. stop. thinking about it! I'd seen images of the delicious food over here on this adorable blog, and when the topic of going to New York came up about a month ago, it was the first thing I thought of doing. I'm not kidding you, if you have the option please go!!

More food! We visited Blue Planet for pizza for dinner and I had a pretty ridiculous brussel sprout and pancetta variety. I will definitely be attempting to recreate this!

Pretty city! Until next time, NYC. ;)

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