Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sister Weekend Flashback

I was looking through some old albums a few days ago, and stumbled upon these photographs from a sisters weekend we had back in the fall of 2010. Typically we try to get away somewhere (previous spots have included D.C. and Lewes), but on this particular occasion we opted to stay in Dani's then hometown of Shippensburg. It was quiet but fun, and really the perfect autumn weekend. We made hearty dinners, hiked through the foliage, played board games and even carved pumpkins. Below are a few photographs, if you'd like to see.

{bustling metropolis of Shippensburg}

On our first night we stayed in and played this board/card game called What's Yours Like?
We've only played the one time, but really it's quite fun. One person explains what their ______ (insert odd or slightly inappropriate noun) is like, and other have to guess what they're describing.
Whoever guesses right gets points. Or something.

{What's your bathroom floor like?}

This tomato and sausage risotto is one of my favorite fall suppers.
If I was the type of person who termed certain dishes "bone sticking" I'd use that here.
Fortunately for all of us, I'm not...

{perfect soundtrack}
I will always love this one hit wonder. Do you remember this New Radicals song?

{something was funny}

{sweet outfit}


{picnic lunch}


{Sisters, take two}

We checked out the AT Museum after our hike. 
This place is tiny, but actually pretty neat and well worth a visit if you're in the Pine Grove Furnace area. It was especially nice for Chels, as she hiked a lot of the AT with her husband Will several years ago. You can read about some of her adventures here, here and here. :)

 {H.A. Milton breakfast}

{carrot-nosed pumpkins}

Just looking at these photos makes me even more excited for fall!
We haven't been able to take a sisters weekend in quite some time, so I'm hoping for a mid-winter (February?) trip to break up the cold monotony of that season. I'm sort of thinking of a D.C. repeat, but Philly or Pittsburgh sound good too. :) Any suggestions??

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