Monday, September 23, 2013

postcards from california :: part 2

I'm back with more vacation photos to share today!  My aunt and uncle live fairly close to the little town of Placerville, so the first Saturday we were in California, we drove over to "Old Hang Town" and checked out the sights.  I fell in love with Placerville pretty much immediately.  So many cute shops, great restaurants, local goods, and plenty of small-town charm.

 Walking down Main Street.

 Saturday Farmers Market

 The flowers were AMAZING.

 So were the tomatoes!

 First family photo of the trip.

 Heading to the Cozmic Cafe for iced coffee, smoothies, and a snack.

 Lofty Lou's Yarn Shop - you know I had to stop in!

 Late lunch at In-N-Out Burger.

 Tasty "animal style" burger and really good fries.  Apparently there's a secret menu that not everyone knows about.  Thankfully my cousin Adam is well-versed in the In-N-Out menu and gave us some good advice!

 Will and I had a fantastic belated-anniversary dinner at Cascada, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Placerville.  If you're in the area and decide to give this place a try, be sure to order the bean dip with your chips.  I wanted to drink it - it was that good.

 They also had a really good margarita.

Since it was so hot out there, on another day, we packed up a big picnic lunch and headed over to Sly Park for an afternoon of sun and swimming with my cousins and some of their good friends.  It was such a beautiful and relaxing day.
The lake is surrounded by pine trees.  So different from Virginia, and ridiculously beautiful!

 Tommy and Henry hit it off pretty much immediately and had lots of fun together!

Such a beautiful place!  It's been so fun to re-live these amazing adventures.  Hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation to Placerville and Sly Park!  Stay tuned for more photos next Monday.  Hope you have a great week!

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