Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splash Pad!

We have a great little splash pad at one of the parks in town that we recently visited on a hot afternoon when Sommer decided she wasn't going to take a good nap.  The beautiful thing about the splash pad is that it is totally free!  It is just perfect for us because Sommer doesn't last at the pool for too long; so we can head to the splash pad, run around in the water for a while, walk across the parking lot to the park and play for a bit and then hit the splash pad again for a cool-down before heading home for dinner.  

Sommer is our little water baby and it is so fun to watch her walk around, put her hair in the water, splash her hands and just generally enjoy herself.  I'm hoping she will continue this love of the water for a long time.  

cooling off!

Here she is last summer (at 6 months old) happy as a little clam by the pool!

And here she is on her first day of swimming lessons last year!  Such a cutie.

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