Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ricketts Glen State Park

Do you remember being fifteen or sixteen years old, and being forced to do something by your parents? And during every single second of that event or task you were grumbling, outwardly complaining or just looking generally sullen, to prove that no matter how fun the situation had the potential to be, you hated where you were at that moment? I do. I'm not sure exactly what event or moment I would pinpoint, but I do remember being that annoying, selfish teenager at least once or twice in my lifetime.*

I had to laugh this past Saturday during a day trip to Ricketts Glen because I saw so many of these very teenagers, dawdling behind their parents on the waterfall trail, wearing ridiculous graphic t-shirts and looking absolutely dejected. And I wondered, when did all that change? I used to be that same annoying teenager and now here I am, taking too many pictures at semi-touristy sites, worrying about comfortable footwear, and keeping an extra eye on children who are sliding down rocks that look dangerous.

{please be careful child I don't know}

Regardless, I did get the chance to briefly visit my alma mater of Bloomsburg last weekend with Brig, and we spent the remainder of the day just past Bloom at Ricketts Glen State Park catching up with a college friend, kayaking, eating delicious subs and hiking. We lucked out with perfect weather (somehow the rain held off until literally, the moment we got in the car) and even managed to slip in some hard (and I mean hard) cider tasting.

{kayaking FTW}

{So great to catch up with you Ashley!}

{forlorn beach ball}

{might as well eat the whole thing}

{officially nicknamed Twisted Knee Fallen Tree}

{haunted house tree}

{We took the path less traveled}

{forty-seven feet up}

We had a blast, and I can say with certainty that I'll be trying the whole kayaking thing again! Since I don't love being in the ocean (unnatural fear of sharks, what can I say), getting out on the water felt sort of foreign, but in the best of ways. If you're from or visiting the area and haven't been, Ricketts Glen is a fun (and exhausting!) day trip. :) You can learn more about the park here!

*Actually, I can pinpoint one and I was at Universal Studios, Florida. Serious selfish teenage brat!


  1. looks like you guys had a nice time!!

  2. Yep, that was it. Florida, Universal. :) You weren't THAT bad. Marmaduke