Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Rhythms

Our little family of 3 has successfully completed our first couple weeks of summer vacation at home.  This year (as I have mentioned before) is a lot different than usual because Matt is off work and because I stay home with Sommer, I am too!  In the weeks leading up to summer vacation I was thinking to myself, how is this going to go with all of us being home all the time?!  I was a little nervous because it is so different than what we are used to. 


Now that we are here, we have had to find new rhythms to live in.  It has been interesting as we try to figure out how our days are going to go.  We were on vacation and out of town for things for our first few weeks and then of course as soon as we started settling into our house again, we sold it!  I am not surprised by this at all because life has seemed go this way for us lately; as soon as we get comfortable and start feeling settled something ends up jumbling it all up.  I feel like I am constantly just waiting for the next thing because for the past year there has always been an element of uncertainty in our lives.  And honestly, I am ready to feel settled and comfy for a while.  And the other thing?  When life is so up in the air for so long it is really hard to find a rhythm to live in.  

S0 for now, we'll keep living amongst the boxes, bags of things to get rid of and stuff to be sold at yard sales and we'll enjoy these last few weeks in our first home.  

And I'm sure that in a couple months we'll be happily living in yet another new rhythm of life.


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  1. Congrats on selling your house, Dana! That's a big accomplishment.