Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Night Sky

While we were at the beach this past weekend, the super moon rose over the ocean.  We got the pleasure of watching it rise on Sunday night and it was so beautiful!  I love being at the beach anytime but being there in the early morning and as it is getting dark are some of the most beautiful times to be there. 
favorite place.
the sky was beautiful on our walk to the beach.  this doesn't do it justice.
pretty moon (and do you see the little 6 year old on the right side of the picture?  he was running and jumping and dancing around as we watched the moon come up.)
I recently read a cool fact about the moon.  Did you know that each month the full moon has a name?  They are the Native American full moon names and I think they are pretty neat.  Here they are:
January: Wolf Moon
February: Snow Moon
March: Worm Moon
April: Pink Moon
May: Flower Moon
June: Strawberry Moon
July: Thunder Moon
August: Green Corn Moon
September: Harvest Moon
October: Hunter's Moon
November: Frost Moon
December: Long Night's Moon
I have always loved the night sky and just love this little tidbit of information.  Each name fits the month so well and I hope that I will think of these names each time I see a full moon. 
Were you able to see the super moon at all this weekend?  If you google "super moon june 23, 2013" you will find lots of great pictures and articles - check them out!

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