Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summertime Plans

I feel like summer is finally pretty much here!  I am so excited about this summer because it is the first one where Matt and I are both not working so we can spend everyday together with our little girl!  I have been looking forward to having this type of summer for a long time - ever since Matt went back to grad school to get his school counseling degree.  He has just a few more days of school left and then...well the possibilities are endless!

A few things I am looking forward to doing this summer...
1.  Taking a much needed beach vacation!  We are heading to North Carolina with my family and I can not wait! 
2.  Going to the park, pool, lake, etc. all summer long!  We have rarely been able to do these things together because of work schedules so I am really looking forward to this.

3.  Working out!  I love running with Matt even though he doesn't really love running.  He is a great runner though and I think it is much more fun to run with someone than to run alone so I'm hoping we can have some early morning family runs most days this summer. :)
4.  Picking out some new TV shows to watch from start to finish on Netflix.  We aren't big TV people and don't have cable but I recently came across this list of the top 30 best written TV series of all time on one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo.  I want to find a couple shows that we can watch together in the evenings when Sommer goes to bed.  My top 4 from the list are these:  The West Wing, Breaking Bad, ER, and Seinfeld.
5.  Taking a little anniversary trip with my man.  I don't know if we can work this one out yet but I am really hoping we can get away for a day or two to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!  

So, I'd love to know if you have any big or small summer plans!  Sometimes the best plan is not having anything planned. :) 

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