Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mt. Gretna, PA

Not far down the Pennsylvania Turnpike from us, about $2.30 worth, is the small borough of Mt. Gretna in Lebanon County. The area has been known for years and years as a popular summer haunt (even President Benjamin Harrison visited!), and while it is probably less popular now than it once was, it is still a really lovely place to spend a sunny day.

Scott and I decided to take a day trip on a whim a couple of weeks ago, and I suggested Mt. Gretna because I've heard about it numerous times but have never been. We had all intentions of hiking, but at the last minute I threw in bathing suits, sunscreen and a towel. Good thing, because it was a hot day and once we spotted the lake, all bets were off. We spent the majority of the afternoon swimming and lounging, and then checked out the local culinary attractions.

Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach

It's fair to say that Scott took more advantage of the lake than I did. 
Here he is making a huge splash off the diving board...

...the trapeze...

...and the tower. I also climbed and jumped off the tower, but that may have been a once and done. We'll see how brave I'm feeling the next time we're here.

Cookbook reading in the shade.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, though perhaps a bit too hot for my liking. 
It was nice having the water nearby to cool off.

After a few hours of swimming and sunning we had an early dinner at the pizzeria.

Sometimes there really is nothing better than cheese pizza and soda.


Some wooden words of advice at a little shop --
I especially love the second one.

The Jigger Shop has been around since 1895 and is very famous for its ice cream. 
Anytime I have heard someone talking about Mt. Gretna, this little open-air shop is mentioned in the next sentence.

Scott went with the traditional chocolate Jigger Sundae, while I opted for orangeade - something I order whenever and wherever I can find it. The jigger sundae, in case you were curious, is 2.5 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow topping and jigger nuts. When I asked the girl behind the counter what a jigger nut was, she answered, very solemnly, that she absolutely could not tell me. (You know, secret recipe and what have you.;)

Now that I know this is so close by, I will definitely be returning with family and friends in tow. I am also hoping to visit during their famous outdoor art show, August 17&18 or for their Historic House Tour, August 3rd. Click HERE and HERE for more info. :)

Happy Wednesday! The countdown for vacation has begun for me....
3 days to go!!!

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