Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is Here!

I think that I can confidently say that spring is finally here in our little part of the world.  The weather this week has just made me so happy!  Sunshine, breezes, warm temperatures, walks outside in short sleeves...just what I needed to wake up my so-over-winter-and-cold mind, body & soul.  I think spring actually snuck in while we were in Virginia last weekend.  That tree up there is from our visit to Maymont Park in Richmond but I'm sure the tulip trees around here will be looking just as beautiful in no time!

We have been enjoying this gorgeous weather by spending lots of time at the park and in our little backyard. 
Sliding & swinging are this girls favorites.

Chelsey, Carrie and I celebrated the beautiful spring weather last weekend by exploring the Richmond area.  After breakfast we stopped off at Urban Farmhouse outside of Richmond to grab some chocolate croissants for our picnic lunch.  It is a really neat place - seriously looked like a pretty old farmhouse in the middle of the suburbs.  They sell all kinds of delicious looking foods, have a cozy little area where you can sit, eat and catch up with friends and are soon going to be raising bees in the back yard area!  So neat!  And, it is right across the street from the library!  If I lived here I would be visiting often.

coffee bar
all natural chocolate
more chocolate
"woofles"  haha - cute doggie treats
pretty wine wall

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  1. That place looks great! I love little spots like that. And- Hooooray for spring!