Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring!

It's hard to believe that today is the first day of spring, with what seems like one of the first significant snows of the winter season happening on Monday afternoon into evening! I have to admit that I've been looking forward to somewhat balmier weather; however, walking in the snow reminds me of just how much I love that we experience all four seasons here in Pennsylvania. I couldn't help but get out in it for a bit, as this will likely be my last opportunity for some time. I snapped some photos along the way...


Quiet streets

To the left I saw: a mother and her son building a snow man,
To the right I saw: a little girl that could not have been older than 2 shoveling snow with her dad.

Icy Easter Eggs

This little area, called Willow Park, is one of my favorite places in Camp Hill.
It's long and narrow and has the most beautiful little church flanking its left side.

Reminds me of a monastery :)

Snow leopard?


...& some peppermint hot cocoa to warm up!

So.....happy spring!?

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