Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fairy Party

This is a little late coming but since Sommer's birthday is so close to Christmas I haven't had a chance to share pictures from her first birthday party.  

We didn't want to have a big blow out theme party (although it was tempting) so we decided to have 2 small parties with our families.  The fairy themed party took place at my parents house with my mom, dad, Gramma, Carrie and our good friend Brigid.  It was very simple but in my opinion, appropriate for our little one year old.  We had stromboli and salad for dinner and homemade fairy cakes for dessert.

Funfetti cake and icing - the best for birthdays
 No fairy party is complete without a tutu!

 Clapping for herself after hearing "Happy Birthday"

 Loved those cupcakes!

Pink & white balloons to complete the decorations!

Have you had a themed party for your kiddos (if you have them?)  I think I will keep the parties small until Sommer gets bigger and has more friends to invite.  I have heard of inviting one friend per year the child is turning (so if the child is 5 - invite 5 friends).  This sounds like a good idea to me just to keep it simple.  I'd love to hear what your kids parties have looked like and what themes you have used!  Pinterest can be dangerous if you're looking for party ideas, don't ya think?!

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