Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Little Self-care Goes a Long Way

I made several New Years resolutions/goals, most of which are about improving myself in some way or doing something for such and such a race, strive to be the best I can be as a mommy & wife, etc., etc., etc. But now looking back over the past few days I'm realizing that I should have made one overarching resolution and it should have been this:  to take better care of myself.
Over the past year I have spent so much time thinking about, worrying about and taking care of everyone else (which I love to do!) that I kind of forgot to take some time for myself.  I have hated leaving my little girl and husband home to go do anything alone.  But, this week, I joined the Gold's Gym in our area and have taken 30 minutes to an hour each afternoon or evening to go work out.  After only going for 3 days, I can see a huge improvement in my mood and how I feel about myself.  Matt even commented that I seem much happier after having 2 days at the gym. 
 I am also taking time to feed my soul by reading the She Reads Truth devotional everyday.  I read this on the Bible app on my iPhone but you can also read it here if you don't have a smartphone.  I also read Simple Abundance each night.
 And of course, if I'm feeding my body and soul I better be feeding my mind too, right?  I am reading some new books with my spare time in the evenings instead of watching TV...for the most part. :)
I have found in the past 3 days that when I take some time for myself that it makes a huge impact on my little family.  It is really amazing how taking care of myself helps me take care of the people I love so much better.
Do you take time for a little self-care?  How do you do it and does it make the rest of your life seem to flow easier?

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  1. Sounds good! I really need to prioritize some working out. Thanks for the inspiration!