Monday, October 29, 2012

play day

Good morning!  How was your weekend? Will had to work and couldn't go with us, but Tommy, Annabel, and I drove up to Pennsylvania to visit for a couple days.  We had lots of fun spending time with Mimi, Pa, the younger WeThree's, Sommer, and GG.  Can't wait to visit again over Thanksgiving!  

If you'd like to see, I'd love to share some photo proof of our tv-free Tuesday!  Here's how our day played out...literally.

My mother-in-law saved so many of the toys she had for Will and his brothers and sister.  When she passed away almost two years ago now, this was one of the toys we brought to our house.  It's a classic and is still much-loved by both of our kids.  This is where we started off our day.

After Tommy was at school and Annabel was taking her morning nap, I spent a few quiet moments at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, my trusty notebook, and a pumpkin spice candle before doing my morning clean-up routine.

 Annabel tried on all the completed hats after she woke up from her nap.  We played for a while, ate some lunch, went for a little walk, and then she went back down for her afternoon nap.

 Since I do my cleaning in the morning and my afternoon and evening pass by in a blur of play/karate/dinner/bath/bed, I use Annabel's afternoon nap to take a little time for myself.  I sit on our bed and work on my knitting, read a chapter or two of a book, drink some tea, daydream about next summer's garden, etc.

 After Annabel woke up from her afternoon nap, we changed her into her cute polka dot dress since it was in the 80's here (crazy!) and then she took silly pictures of herself on our bed (I showed her how to push the button on my phone).

 When Tommy came home, we made some popcorn and played some SpongeBob memory.

 After Will and Tommy mowed the grass and pulled an old lilac out of the backyard, we ate dinner and then the boys played Chutes and Ladders while I got Annabel all ready for bed.

Once Annabel was tucked in, Tommy and I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies.  They're good, but I remember my mom's being so much better.

Once Tommy was in bed, Will and I talked for awhile, read our books, and went to bed early for once.  Tv-free Tuesday #1 = SUCCESS!

Will you join us tomorrow for tv-free Tuesday #2?  Have a great Monday!

P.s.  If you're on the east coast in Hurricane Sandy's path, be safe!  No school for Tommy today in anticipation of power outages, so we'll see what this storm really brings. If there aren't any more posts up this week, you'll know it was bad where WeThree are.  Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow!

P.p.s.  Have you heard Florida Georgia Line's song "Cruise"?  I'm newly obsessed!

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