Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love October because although autumn really begins in September, for some reason October always solidfies the feeling of fall.  I know that when I walk outside I will smell that familiar "band smell".  Do you know what I'm saying?  It always hits me in the evenings and I'm instantly taken back to the practice field, sitting in the stands at the football game, or the nerves and excitement that always came as I marched onto the field for a competition.  Those were some of my favorite days. 

We started this October with a family sick day which is really no fun.  But on the bright side, Matt stayed home from work yesterday which gave us an extra day with him; I will take an extra day home with him no matter what.  During my time at home yesterday I started thinking about what I want to do this October.  This year will be different than most because Sommer is here with us and I am excited to introduce her to all that October has to offer.  I know she is just teeny and she won't remember this time in her life, but I still want her to experience the beauty of this time of year.
Here is my October List:
Visit a pumpkin patch
Pick our own pumpkins
Take a hay ride
Take family pictures
Drink apple cider - both hot and cold
Make and eat butternut squash soup
Take a trip to look at the colorful leaves
Go to a high school football game
Attend a band competition
Pass out candy with Carrie on trick or treat night (& drink hot chocolate with homemade whip cream)

Enjoy crisp, cool morning runs
Have a campfire
Take a hike on a beautifully tree-lined path

Do you have any plans for your October?

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