Monday, September 24, 2012

five things

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  We spent Friday night and Saturday laying low getting over a fever (Tommy) and a bad cold (Annabel).  The kindergarten germs finally caught up with us as I knew they would.  Yesterday was a most perfect fall day so we rode bikes in the cul-de-sac, played with chalk in the driveway, and did some weeding and watering in the garden.  Last week was so much fun with Dani and Sommer here!  I'm so glad they came to visit. 

This week, I decided to take my cue from Emily and list five things that are currently making me happy.

 A new bag full of yarn waiting to be made into something warm for winter.
 Annabel's finished hat; Tommy's is half-way there.
New reading material!  I'll be posting more about this on Thursday, but in the meantime, you should check out Jenny's awesome blog.
The return of my most favorite kitchen gadget:  Giada's red dutch oven.  It stays on my stove in the fall, winter, and early spring for making soup, chili, and my favorite, chicken and dumplings.
The fall garden is coming along nicely with hardly any attention from me.  From the left:  peas, leeks, carrots, radishes, spinach, and lettuce.  I planted more lettuce yesterday since most of the first seeds didn't come up (I think I planted too deep), and the bed to the right that you can hardly see is completely full of red and yellow onions.  

What's making you happy these days?  I'd love to hear!

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