Friday, September 23, 2016

life with 2 littles & an update

We have been loving these last 2 months with Asher.  He is the sweetest little guy and recently started smiling which is such a treat.  His eyes are so bright and they just light up when he starts to smile.  It's the sweetest.  

There has certainly been a time of adjustment as we all get used to having a baby around but in between the tough times there are beautiful moments that make me the happiest mama.  I love how Sommer loves her brother and am so thankful that they have each other.  Just the other day I over heard her telling Asher that he is her best bud forever. (heart melting) <3  She also loves having a real live patient to work on instead of her baby dolls. ;o)


In my last post - way back in July, I shared that we had been told that Asher would have clubfoot at our 20 week ultrasound.  Then, when he was born the nurses and doctors at the hospital were a little hesitant to call it clubfoot.  We followed through with our orthopedic appointment in Philadelphia and were told that he had clubfoot and he was casted for 12 days.  I think that's where I left off...

After those 12 days in casts, we returned to our ortho. and had the casts removed.  His feet looked so great and were so flexible that our doctor gave Asher 2 weeks out of the casts before he would be seen again.  When we went back 2 weeks later, we were told that he does not have clubfoot!  We were really surprised, happy, unsure...his feet were and continue to be a little turned in and somewhat unique.   We decided to get a second opinion and after waiting almost a month, got in with Shriners.  Our doctor at Shriners was in agreement that Asher doesn't have clubfoot but did feel that because his foot turns in and bends at his arch, he should be treated.  Our little guy was fitted for boots that he will wear for a couple months to see if they help to straighten and flatten out his little feet.  

It is so hard for me to put these on him.

Our Sommer girl is off to preschool again this year and loves every minute of it!  She is so sweet and smart and reminds me often that next year she is going to Kindergarten and desperately wants to ride the bus like Annabel.  She's taking tumble dance at the Y and is just generally such a big girl.  It's amazing how big she seems to me since Asher was born. 

I just love these two so much and am so thankful to have 2 happy and healthy littles!

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