Wednesday, June 15, 2016

summertime at our house

After many busy weeks and weekends, we finally got around to making some progress in our backyard.  I have been wanting to make our yard and deck a little oasis for all of us before baby #2 arrives because I know for sure we will be spending the majority of our time here and not at the park or pool this summer.  We started with a DIY chalkboard for the deck and picked up a small water table and a new pool (our old one sprung a leak) at Aldi.  So far, these few things have been a big hit but I am looking forward to also adding a sandbox and I would love to put a swing out there somewhere.  Here's what summertime currently looks like at our house...

 simple DIY project.  we picked up a piece of plywood and some chalkboard paint.  after a few coats it was perfect!

 cat family.

 my girl loves the water so this has kept her occupied quite well!

 binoculars and sunglasses always at the ready.

 and because mommy has very little willpower against sweets right cream (& oreo cones) and popsicles are a must.

 we had to try the crayola vanilla since crayola factory is right here in the heart of our town.

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