Thursday, May 12, 2016

Life Lately...

A little bit of what we've been up to lately...

 As I've mentioned before, watching our yard come to life this spring has been so much fun.  This beautiful ground cover out front was a lovely surprise and I can't wait to transplant some of it to the other side of our steps so that we have this all over the front in the coming years.

Before all the rain came our way a couple weeks ago, we spent one very warm day at the park.  We definitely weren't prepared for how warm it ended up getting and decided a trip to Rita's was the best cure for our overheated selves.  This girl loves sprinkles and I love her.

 My little sweetie.  She surprises me and amazes me everyday and I can't believe how much of a little lady she is becoming.

 Matt and I had a few appointments down near Philly earlier this week and I could not resist a trip to Shake Shack for lunch.  The strawberry mint lemonade was my personal favorite.

 Tuesday was circus day at preschool this week and we had one happy butterfly for the rest of the day!

Yesterday I took Sommer to Barn Yard Days at a local high school here.  There were a bunch of baby animals all over but we could not seem to walk away from the chicks.  They were so cute to watch - all huddled together under the light or breaking free from the pack and running as fast as their tiny legs would take them.  We also got to see a couple chicks that had just hatched out of their eggs and one trying to break free from the egg!  Such a neat thing to see.  Sommer was also quite enamored by the baby bunnies and declared that when she has kids of her own, she will definitely buy them a you think she is giving me a hint?!

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