Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring is (finally!) Here!!

It took a while this year but it seems as though spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods.  We spent most of Thursday and Friday outside and it has been wonderful.  This upcoming week is looking even more beautiful and we are looking forward to getting lots of work done in our backyard.

 We live really close to the Bushkill Creek and a biking/walking trail that runs along it. We took a little walk along the trail the other day and loved seeing everything turning green.  

 This photo perfectly sums up how this child feels about warm weather, short sleeves and being at the park - pure joy.  I love and admire how she truly embraces each season and enjoys it for what it is.  Just last Saturday, as it was snowing(!), she could not wait to go play in the snow and less than a week later she is fully enjoying the total sunshine.

 The sunshine definitely helps lift all of our spirits!

After playing at the park on Thursday, we came home and decided to grill out and have a little fire as the sun went down.  One of my very favorite parts of our new house is our backyard.  We have a lot of work to make it our little oasis but we love spending our days playing back there.

Then on Friday night we had some friends and family over for another fire and s'mores.  The best.  I imagine we will be doing this as much as possible all spring, summer and fall!

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