Friday, April 22, 2016

Disney Part 1

You guys, we had such a great time at Disney last weekend! I have a million pictures so I thought I would break them up into two different posts, if you'd like to see!

 After a bumpy flight through a Florida thunderstorm, we arrived at our hotel - the Coronado - around 8:30pm. The kids were so excited to be there and ready for our Disney adventure!
 Since we hadn't eaten dinner yet, our first order of business was to order room service! Tommy and Annabel thought it was so fun to eat in our room at 9:30 at night.

 After dinner, as we were supposed to be settling down for bed (it was 10pm and we had a full day at Magic Kingdom the next day), in true hotel vacation form, Will started a pillow fight.

 Tommy and Annabel:  1
Daddy:  0

 After a decent nights sleep and breakfast on Friday morning, we headed off to the Magic Kingdom. Our first order of business: meet Mickey Mouse! 

 And Tinkerbell, too! Annabel was so excited.

 Seeing Cinderella's castle was a dream come true for my sweet girl.

 We got to drive some cars...

 and meet princesses...

 and ride through the Hundred Acre Wood...

 and walk through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.

 Tommy and Will even got to ride a roller coaster. (If you zoom in, they are in the back - Will is wearing a red and white striped shirt.)

 Then we headed to Hollywood Studios where we had a character dinner reservation and then rushed over to catch the Frozen Sing-A-Long. I would highly recommend this show if your kids like Frozen. The storytellers were hilarious and it even SNOWED on us in the theater. So fun!

 We had a great first day!

 Day 2 started at Animal Kingdom where we had a character breakfast first thing.

 We got to see Safari Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. The kids loved meeting the characters, especially Goofy who gave them each a fist bump and "blew it up" afterwards. Tommy and Annabel thought that was awesome!

 After breakfast we headed out on a safari and saw giraffes, elephants, lions, antelope and a bunch of other animals. We did a few other trails and then walked over to see Everest. Will decided to ride the coaster while the kids and I took a little ice cream break.

 Then we got going over to Epcot where we had scheduled dinner with the princesses in Norway. Annabel couldn't wait!
We brought her Cinderella dress along just for this occasion.
 Tommy was such a good sport through all the princesses and even had his picture taken with almost every one of them. Can you see that smile on my girl? She LOVED every minute of dinner with the girls. She fell out of her chair twice and barely ate anything as she watched, wide-eyed, as the princesses came over one by one. I don't think she stopped smiling all night.

 Day 2 was definitely a success! 

Since our first two days were heavy on Annabel activities, we spent the second two days on Tommy's favorites: Star Wars and Harry Potter. I'll post photos from the rest of our trip on Monday. In the meantime, hope you have a great weekend! We're looking forward to spending some time with our nephew and doing all the normal weekend stuff - ballet, baseball and church. See you back here on Monday!

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