Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Recent Snack Solution

[This past Sunday I was wandering around the Natural & Organic section at GIANT and impulse-bought these (NEW!) Woodstock Mini Me's. They have all the buzz-words you could ever want (USDA Organic, Non-GMO, gluten free) and appealed to me because they kind of looked like a cross between a wafer cookie and a rice cake. Now that I'm reading the back of the package (as I'm writing this, actually) I am relatively certain they're meant for young children, but they are good all the same!] xoCarrie

I have recently become obsessed with grapefruits.  I can not seem to get enough of their tangy deliciousness and for a while was eating them as often as I could.  They are so refreshing and make me feel like I am in a tropical place rather than bundled up and buried under 3 ft of snow!
xo Dana

 Although it's pretty difficult to find convienence foods that fit my diet, these are so close to being perfect. With just a little bit of wheat-free soy sauce, they are otherwise free of all the usual cracker suspects: wheat, dairy, corn, and oddly enough, brown sugar. They're not salty enough for my taste but regardless, they're great with guacamole or spicy hummus pretty much any time of day!

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