Monday, December 21, 2015

ninja elves

Merry Christmas week, my friends! Just quickly stopping by today to show you my "ninja elves" who have been shockingly nice to each other ever since school let out for Christmas on Friday. Last night I found them sneaking around the house with a couple of our old cell phones as walkies-talkies, searching for bad guys and taking them out with their sweet ninja moves. It was hilarious and adorable and I'm so glad they're home with me for the next couple weeks. I'm ready for no schedules and movie dates and play dates and friends coming over for pizza and CHRISTMAS and traveling and family and food. Bring. It. On.

We are uncharacteristically ahead of the game around here (even the wrapping is almost all done! win!) so I'm free to enjoy all of the things I listed above. Well, all of that, a top to bottom house cleaning, and a whole lot of knitting. I've got four knitted gifts complete and am hoping to have time for two more in between vacuuming and kid activities. A lofty goal. 

I hope you're enjoying this December with fun activities and friends and family, but I also hope you're making time for reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. Don't forget about the most important part of this season amidst all the shopping and rushing and to-do lists. And if you've had an opportunity to be one in the last few weeks, I'd love to hear about it. We were able to volunteer with Backpacks of Love twice, and today I'm dropping off 30 coloring books and boxes of crayons with a nurse friend of mine who will deliver them to sick kids spending Christmas in the hospital. Special thanks to our family and neighbors who gave donations!

We'll be writing a few times this week so come back and check in with us if you have some time. Wishing you a lovely start to this Christmas week! Joy and peace to you, and here's to hoping that your day today is better than Carrie's was last Thursday  :)

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