Friday, August 7, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

Can you believe that it is already August 7th?!  I'm not quite sure how this summer has flown by so quickly but in some ways I am so happy we have made it to August.  Matt has finally finished up all of his school duties for the summer...he's been working a couple days a week since school let out back in June but he's off completely for the next two weeks and we are super happy about that!  This summer has been so full of really wonderful things and I am happy to share some of those things with you here!  Is anybody else happy that fall is right around the corner though?  As the long, hot days start to wear on, I always look forward to the cool and crisp days of fall.  Plus, I would much prefer jeans and a flannel to shorts and a tank any day!

 Back in June, we had the grand idea to join our church on a 30 mile bike ride in support of Restoring Hope Ministries.  We were quite unprepared but happy to be out and active and supporting such an incredible ministry. 
About 17 people from our church are currently on a bike tour across PA to raise awareness about what is happening in the DRC and how Restoring Hope Ministries plans to "create church to church partnerships centered on God’s Word that restore lives, train leaders, and develop sustainable solutions."  Check out the website to learn more!

 We have spent a lot more time with cousin Chloe this summer than ever before.  Cousins are absolutely the best and I am so thankful that Sommer has such wonderful relationships with all of hers!

 Not only did Matt and I float the creek but we also have explored around a little with Sommer as well.  We have plans to spend more time in the woods and creeks around here before summer comes to an end.

 We recently discovered Jacobsburg State Park right in our backyard.  We took a hike there a couple weeks ago and could not be happier to have this right around the corner from our new home.  This little girl is quite the trooper.  She ran about the 1st half mile of our hike and after that was content to pick up and sprinkle rocks along the trail.   -- she later informed me that she was sprinkling them so someone could get married -- practice for her upcoming role as flower girl!

 Visits to my moms, hanging out with my sisters and these tiny cones make for one perfect week.


 Have you had your tomato and mayo sandwich yet this summer? good!

 We discovered this sweet park in downtown Easton just yesterday!  River views, swings and a little free library all in one!

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  1. Looks like you're settled in and loving your new town!