Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Go-To Snacks

It's no secret that I'm getting married in just five short months, and like any other bride-to-be, I'm trying to slim down a bit before the wedding. I've started on a consistent work-out routine (running-squats-weights or zumba), but I also know that the eating part of it is just as important. I'm a pretty big sucker for salty snacks and since I know chips aren't part of my eating plan, I was thrilled when I tried these Saffron Road Falafel-flavored crunchy chickpeas. They're 110 calories for one oz. and surprisingly filling. I take some to work every day as my 10:00 AM snack and look forward to it more than I'd like to admit. Give them a try! xoCarrie

As much as I wish my go-to snack was something super healthy like a green smoothie or a crunchy apple, it's not.  Almost every afternoon, while my little one naps, I sit down with a cinnamon-apple rice cake with peanut butter and a big cup of coffee.  My perfect pick-me-up for the rest of the afternoon!

 Who doesn't love popcorn? Since it's spring break week around here, I have a feeling we'll be eating popcorn every single day. Some days I make a big batch for the kids to snack on after school and then send the rest with Tommy in his lunch over the next couple days. I love our air popper - so easy and quick to use. Annabel loves popcorn so much she could barely keep her hands out of the bowl long enough for me to get that photo :)  Hope you're having a great week! See you back here Friday.

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