Friday, March 6, 2015

How do you feel about the cold?

Around this time of year, in the state of Pennsylvania, people start to complain about the unbearably long winter. You get the ambiguous facebook poster ("winter sucks"), the overbearing co-worker (constantly checking weather channel, evaluating an impending storm & complaining about their long commute home in the blizzard) & then those who just straight-up HATE the cold weather (& have no qualms abut sharing this distaste, often & loudly). So I'm do you feel about the cold? I, personally....

...LOVE it! That's not to say that I don't get annoyed with frozen cars (my frustration in the photo above), cold feet & slushy parking lots, but the truth is that as long as I have my down coat, some boots, gloves & a hat, I don't mind the chill at all. One of my favorite things about living in PA is the fact that we experience all four seasons. Without winter, what would spring, or summer or fall really be? What would there be to get excited about? So old man winter, even though you're being hurried along by a lot of my friends, you're welcome to put your feet up at my house (at least until the end of March!;).

I never get sick of watching it snow. 

Are you team winter?

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