Monday, March 2, 2015

according to Instagram

In the last two weeks, Tommy has gone to school a grand total of THREE out of TEN days because of the Presidents Day holiday and then all the snow days. With the extra time we've had at home, I've been snapping photos left and right to try and capture the sweet/fun/random moments of our days. I thought I'd share some of those here today, if you'd like to see.

 Dreaming of Spring!

 Annabel's favorite early morning spot.

 Tommy and his two good buddies playing super heroes.

 "The woods are lovely, dark and deep." -Robert Frost

 I don't know who won, but it sure was a good race.

 Annabel got a new hat to match her sweater.

Reading some good books on a snowy, cold day.

 Morning snuggles on snow day #4.

 Saturday shenanigans.

 Snowy view out our bedroom window this past Thursday morning.

 Reading in front of the fire. Tommy basically always dresses for summer no matter the actual temperature outside.

Some serious Lego city planning at our favorite post-church breakfast spot in the village.

Balloons (and Captain America) always save the day.

So that's a little look at what we've been up to lately, according to Instagram. 

Can you believe it's March already? I'd love to tell you that Spring is really on its way, but I think it's a little to early to call that one, at least here in the great state of Virginia. This week, here in our fair town, we are looking at classic Virginia weather:  

Monday - sun, 52
Tuesday - rain, 37
Wednesday - rain, 63
Thursday - snow, 34
Friday - sun, 39

How's that for a forecast? I've got my layers ready! Wishing you a lovely week, friends!

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