Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Here's a bit of what we've been up to lately if you'd like to see...

 Staying home and drinking lots of hot drinks to keep us warm and well.

 Sommer loves to be behind the camera!  It is always so amusing to look back through my pictures to see her perspective on life.

 I've been eating a big mixed greens salad for lunch everyday and it has been so refreshing!  I mix greens with red beans, quinoa, yellow and green peppers and Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing -- so delish!

 Sommer has been going through a huge book-loving stage lately!  She has always enjoyed reading books but in the last few weeks she has really started wanting to read to herself or to her babies.  It really is the sweetest thing to find her fast asleep in a pile of books or sitting in bed surrounded by babies while she reads to them.  My coworker even caught her reading to her dolls in the children's area at the Y this week!  It brings me so much joy to see her love books so much!

 Here she insisted on putting me in bed and reading to me story-time style! :)

 Sommer got some new Calico Critters for Christmas and they have been fun for the whole family!  We had them all set up for a hoppin' picnic/party on the pizza pan. ;o)
Aren't those hedgehogs just the cutest things ever?!  They actually came with tiny combs and brushes so we can keep their wild manes tame!

Snack dinner and family movie night has been in full swing for about 3 weeks now and it has been a success!

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